My Story

What Sparked My Interest in Investing

I’ve been fascinated with investing since the 1987 stock market crash when I learned a very hard lesson. At first I thought I was lucky to get through the busy signals and sell my US stock mutual fund. But that was my first mistake because I moved the money into an international fund that tanked even further the next day. After that brutal loss, I made it my goal to dig into the playbook to really understand investing.

Starting My Investment Education

Less than a year later, I sold everything I owned that wouldn’t fit in my car and drove from Atlanta to Silicon Valley to get my MBA with a focus on investments. Along the way life threw me a few curveballs when I was looking for a different pitch. I don’t recall how I met the broker that ran my $2,000 account into an interception, driving it to $0 trading options, but I swore I would never let someone else call the plays with my money in the future.

A Shaky Start to My Investment Career

I thought my shiny new MBA degree would open doors to a great investment job, but this time life threw me a knuckleball. I was laid off from the job I had when I graduated along with 2,000 other unlucky people as a recession took hold of the economy. As I pedaled by the empty technology offices along my daily bike ride while searching for what was next, I realized that the degree was no instant ticket to success. So I took a position at a commodity futures firm led by a former professor. While it was thrilling to watch the trading action, it came at a high cost – I lost all the money I earned there by unsuccessfully speculating on currency futures. Recognizing that trading wasn’t my calling despite the excitement, I packed up my car again to reverse my initial cross-country trek by heading back east to Atlanta in hopes of gaining solid investment experience.

Blending My Technology and Investments Background

My breakthrough came when I leveraged my tech skills with my finance education to help an investment consulting firm win their game, by automating client reports to score with pension clients. Later, I volunteered to learn @Risk simulation software to build asset allocation models that balanced risks with rewards for investment portfolios geared to a variety of goals. From there I jumped into researching investment managers across traditional and alternatives strategies. The next step was designing and managing over $1 billion in custom Target Date funds for client 401(k) plans that helped thousands of participants save for their retirement.

Sharing My Retirement Investing Insights

I’ve spent the majority of my career helping companies provide quality retirement plans for their employees. Now, as I contemplate my own retirement horizon, it’s time to share my playbook. My focus is on investing for retirement, but I will also be imparting my insights on other aspects of retirement. And hey, there’s a weekly newsletter in the pipeline highlighting my insightful investing blog posts.

Why Subscribe to Insightful Investing Newsletter

Let’s face it, there are more retirement websites out there than players on a baseball team. But why choose to subscribe? Well, I’m not your run-of-the-mill financial blogger. I’m a retirement enthusiast with an affinity for fun. My mission is to create content focused specifically on helping everyday people like you to invest for a fun-filled retirement. Here’s what’s in it for you:

Real-Life Expertise: As a retirement enthusiast nearing that stage myself, I provide tips based on decades of real-world investing experience, not dry textbook theory. I’ll be your teammate to help you go the distance, achieve your retirement goals, and have fun too!

Guidance with Transparency:  No hidden affiliations here. I’ll disclose any affiliate or advertising relationships and always put your interests first while doing my best to explain everything in plain and simple language. That being said, the views expressed on this website are personal opinions only and should not be construed as financial advice for your given situation.

Making Retirement Fun: Retirement planning doesn’t have to be boring. It can be a lively conversation. I’m not throwing around dry, technical terms. I’m here to make things clear and simple with some creative analogies to make it easier to read. I’m turning retirement investing from a chore into a fun game – and who doesn’t love a good game?

So let’s get down to brass tacks – what’s in it for you? Subscribing to the Insightful Investing Newsletter isn’t just about getting tips; it’s about having a reliable guide, a transparent ally, and a fun friend in your journey towards a fulfilling retirement. So, hit that subscribe button and let the retirement games begin!

Joe DiNunno

Thank you for reading. Joe DiNunno, February 2, 2024
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