Favorite Mutual Funds for Your Investment Portfolio

These are our favorite no-load (or load waived) mutual funds for you to consider for your investment portfolio, you 401k plan, your Traditional IRA, your Roth IRA, or your retirement portfolio asset allocation. Investment returns shown are as of December 31, 2015.

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Fund NameTickerAsset Category1 Yr3 Yr5 Yr
Fidelity Limited Term BondFJRLXShort-Term Bond0.57
Baird Short-Term BondBSBSXShort-Term Bond0.641.00
Pioneer Short Term IncomeSTABXShort-Term Bond0.561.011.78
Fidelity Intermediate Government IncomeFSTGXIntermediate Government0.780.701.94
American Century Short Dur Inf Prot DndAPOIXInflation-Protected Bond(0.50)(1.51)1.46
Fidelity Inflation-Protected BondFINPXInflation-Protected Bond(2.15)(2.73)2.06
Baird Core Plus BondBCOSXIntermediate-Term Bond(0.11)1.463.91
DoubleLine Total Return BondDLTNXIntermediate-Term Bond2.072.735.22
Fidelity Total BondFTBFXIntermediate-Term Bond(0.59)1.303.53
Metropolitan West Total Return BondMWTRXIntermediate-Term Bond(0.05)1.964.43
Dreyfus International BondDIBAXInternational Bond(6.76)(2.46)0.91
Dreyfus/Standish Global Fixed IncomeDHGAXWorld Bond(0.61)2.183.80
Payden Global Fixed IncomePYGFXWorld Bond1.492.453.79
AllianzGI Short Duration High IncomeASHAXHigh Yield Bond(0.45)1.87
Wells Fargo Short-Term Hi Yld BondSSTHXHigh Yield Bond2.122.023.17
AllianzGI High Yield BondAYBAXHigh Yield Bond(5.33)0.813.97
Fidelity High IncomeSPHIXHigh Yield Bond(5.54)0.773.98
Fidelity Floating Rate High IncomeFFRHXBank Loan(1.27)1.002.28
Eaton Vance Floating RateEVBLXBank Loan(1.92)0.962.59
RidgeWorth Seix Floating Rate Hi Income **SAMBXBank Loan(1.17)1.573.13
Fidelity New Markets IncomeFNMIXEmerging Markets Bond0.21(0.73)4.85
Payden Emerging Markets BondPYEWXEmerging Markets Bond(1.07)(1.27)3.86
Parnassus Core EquityPRBLXLarge Cap(0.55)15.1212.68
Fidelity Blue Chip GrowthFBGRXLarge Cap Growth6.2819.4314.31
American Beacon Bridgeway Lg Cap ValBWLIXLarge Cap Value(1.51)15.48
Parnassus Mid CapPARMXMid Cap(0.87)12.2511.62
Scout Mid CapUMBMXMid Cap1.4113.279.89
Eagle Mid Cap GrowthHAGAXMid Cap Growth2.1915.5110.22
Congress Mid Cap GrowthCMIDXMid Cap Growth(0.15)14.65
Fidelity Low-Priced StockFLPSXMid Cap Value(0.56)12.8711.23
Fidelity Small Cap Discovery *FSCRXSmall Cap(6.17)11.5411.55
Fidelity Small Cap Enhanced IndexFCPEXSmall Cap(1.88)12.8011.12
ASTON/Silvercrest Small CapASCTXSmall Cap(3.30)11.19
Brown Capital Mgmt Small Company **BCSIXSmall Cap Growth8.7518.3014.26
Rice Hall James Small CapRHJMXSmall Cap Growth(1.42)11.4910.97
Boston Partners Small Cap Value IIBPSCXSmall Cap Value(4.56)10.059.49
Rice Hall James Micro CapRHJSXMicro Cap(4.42)11.4910.14
Westcore Micro Cap OpportunityWTMIXMicro Cap(4.92)12.529.70
Eagle International StockEISAXInternational Equity5.40
Fidelity International GrowthFIGFXInternational Equity3.937.156.05
FMI InternationalFMIJXInternational Equity3.2210.419.34
Fidelity Pacific BasinFPBFXRegion Equity6.0210.786.25
Matthews Asia Dividend InvestorMAPIXRegion Equity3.864.834.74
Fidelity International Small CapFISMXInternational Small Cap6.3710.786.42
Harding Loevner Intl Small CapHLMSXInternational Small Cap3.977.435.81
Wasatch International OpportunitiesWAIOXInternational Small Cap9.4510.418.30
Fidelity Emerging MarketsFEMKXEmerging Mkts Equity(10.09)(1.73)(3.00)
Harding Loevner Emerging MarketsHLEMXEmerging Mkts Equity(13.55)(3.97)(2.16)
Wells Fargo Emerging Markets Eq IncEQIAXEmerging Mkts Equity(10.18)(2.85)
Driehaus Emerging Markets Small Cap GrDRESXEmerging Mkts Small Cap(10.22)2.113.29
Matthews Emerging AsiaMEASXEmerging Mkts Small Cap(2.56)
Fidelity Real Estate IncomeFRIFXReal Estate1.746.028.20
Fidelity Real Estate InvestmentFRESXReal Estate5.9511.8712.34
AMG Managers Real Estate SecuritiesMRESXReal Estate5.3012.2412.40
AQR Long/Short EquityQLENXLong/Short Equity16.79
Boston Partners Global Long/ShortBGRSXLong/Short Equity6.26
Hancock Horizon Long/Short **HHQAXLong/Short Equity0.0910.688.41
Lazard Fundamental Long/ShortLLSOXLong/Short Equity5.62
Abbey Capital Futures Strategy **ABYAXManaged Futures3.85
AQR Managed Futures StrategyAQMNXManaged Futures1.756.683.10
Aspen Managed Futures Strategy **MFBPXManaged Futures(2.76)3.70
Credit Suisse Managed Futs Strategy **CSAAXManaged Futures3.688.70
AQR Global MacroQGMNXMultialternative1.41
AQR Style Premia Alternative LVQSLNXMultialternative3.85
Wells Fargo Alternative StrategiesWALTXMultialternative1.53
MainGate MLP **AMLPXEnergy Limited Partnership(32.33)(1.01)
Oppenheimer SteelPath MLP Alpha **MLPAXEnergy Limited Partnership(29.12)(1.75)0.70
BlackRock Global Long/Short CreditBGCAXAlternative Bond(1.22)0.96
Metropolitan West Unconstrained BondMWCRXAlternative Bond(0.04)2.05

* Funds Closed to New Investors. Choose an open fund in the same category for your portfolio.
** Loaded funds that are available from some brokers, including Schwab, without load fee.