Asset Allocation for 1st Quarter 2015

As we said last October, given the long term nature of our approach we will be making less frequent updates to our Favorite Mutual Funds list, Favorite ETFs , Model Mutual Fund Portfolios, and Model ETF Portfolios.  There are no changes to our Insightful Asset Allocation targets for the start of 2015, but the consolidation of our Mutual Fund list has reduced the number of Mutual Funds we are following and resulted in many changes to our Mutual Fund List and Mutual Fund Model Portfolios. In addition, we have replaced all but the best of the funds that are closed to new investors since in many cases you will not be able to invest in those funds at this time. We also replaced Scout International (UMBWX), one of our better performers in the current bull market, due to a change in the portfolio management. Look for some updates to our Favorite ETFs list on our next update.

Asset Allocation January 2015