Asset Allocation for 3rd Quarter 2014

There are no changes to our Insightful Asset Allocation targets for this quarter, but we have made some adjustments to a few of our model portfolios including our Fidelity Investments Model Portfolio, our Fidelity NTF Portfolio, and our ETF and Mutual Fund Portfolio. We have also made several changes to the Mutual Funds we are using in some of our model portfolios. In some cases this was due to fund closings while in other cases it was because funds were no longer available at multiple brokerages.

We are making several changes to our Mutual Fund list with Fidelity Strategic Real Return (FSRRX) replacing Fidelity Inflation-Protected Bond (FINPX) because it is a more diversified approach to inflation protection. Baird MidCap (BMDSX) is replacing Neuberger Berman Genesis (NBGNX) which has too many small cap stocks in its portfolio to really be considered a Mid Cap fund.

Additions to our Mutual Fund list are Metropolitan West Low Duration Bond (MWLDX), Arbitrage Event-Driven (AEDFX), Maingate MLP (AMLPX), and Eagle MLP Strategy (EGLAX).

Asset Allocation July 2014