Asset Allocation for 2nd Quarter 2014

There are no changes to our Insightful Asset Allocation targets for this quarter, but we have made some adjustments to a few of our model portfolios including our Fidelity Investments Model Portfolio, our Easy Mutual Fund Portfolio, and our Easy ETF Portfolio. We have also made several changes to the Mutual Funds we are using in some of our model portfolios. In some cases this was due to fund closings while in other cases it was because funds were no longer available at  multiple brokerages.  Another significant change to the funds in our portfolios is to only show open funds in the Easy Mutual Fund Portfolio and the ETF and Mutual Fund Portfolio. If you are already invested in these funds you do not have to replace them unless you see a fund on our lists that you like better. This should be of help to any new subscribers.

We are making wholesale changes to our group of Short Term Bond funds in order to get a better income profile by replacing them with Fidelity Limited Term Bond (FJRLX), Baird Short-Term Bond (BSBSX), and BlackRock Low Duration Bond (BLDAX).

Looking over our list of Small Cap funds we found that all of our favorites had closed, so we have added some new mutual funds to our list Glenmede Small Cap Equity (GTCSX), Hodges Small Cap (HDPSX)Rice Hall James Small Cap (RHJMX), ASTON/Silvercrest Small Cap (ASCTX), and Driehaus Emerging Markets Small Cap (DRESX).

Asset Allocation April 2014